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Bail Bondsmen

AAAA Abailable Bail Bonds was founded in 1990 and has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected bail agencies throughout the North East.

We have a strong code of ethics to ensure all clients and defendants the highest quality customer service. Each bail agent office is locally owned and operates individually with pride in the communities we serve.

AAAA Abailable agents are licensed, trained and knowledgeable they are available for free bail consultation whenever you may need them.

Agents are available 24 hours a day to write bonds and answer any questions you may have. Call us now and get immediate release from a Pennsylvania jail: (570) 424-2245.

We have been writing Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania for over 20 years!

How Bail Bonds Work

If the defendant is unable to post bail, he or she could sit in a jail cell for months waiting to be seen by a judge. This is where AAAA Abailable Bail Bonds comes in. Either the defendant or family member of the defendant will contact us to post bail. We then give a guarantee to the courts that the defendant will be produced for court each time he or she is ordered to appear. The process is very simple and in most cases it take just minutes to have a defendant released from a jail. We are always available to defendants or their family members; we are just a phone call or a click of the mouse away.

Call us today at (570) 424-2245.

Benefits of Using a Bondsman

When using a bail bonds company instead of posting the bail yourself, you will pay only a percentage of the full bail amount set by the judge. A family member or friend will cosign for the bail as a guarantee, then pay just 12% of the bail amount and the defendant can be home very shortly after. AAAA Abailable Bails Bonds is always available a ready to assist you.

We won't fail you when it's time to bail you!

  • Check We offer a variety of low payment plans
  • Check No collateral in most cases
  • Check Agents available 24 hours
  • Check Process can be done via facsimile
  • Check Quick and confidential bail bond service

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