Armstrong County Jail Information

Armstrong County Jail | 171 Staleys Courts Rd | Kittanning, PA 16201-3709 | (724) 545-9222

Armstrong County Jail

The Armstrong County jail is located off of route 66/28 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania and was built in 2003. The jail was built for the ability to house more inmates than the former smaller sized jail could hold, which at one time, was located in the heart of downtown Kittanning. The new jail brought jobs to the area for guards, healthcare and office personnel to take of the facility that now can hold one hundred and fifty eight inmates.

If one wants to visit the jail, check the schedule first to ensure that hours will accommodate visitation. There are usually two time slots per day that inmates are allowed to receive visitors, but check first. Once you arrive there will be a list of rules and regulations that one must adhere to from showing identification that one is over the age of eighteen and signing in upon your arrival. Do not bring any food items, drinks, letters, cards or cell phones because the inmates are not allowed any of those items. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and smoke only in the designated areas. Following a few simple rules will allow you the time to visit with your friend or a family member, and if you are planning on bringing any children, permission has to be granted first by the warden to allow the children on the grounds.

There are restaurants located nearby where visitors can get a bite to eat, and a few choices for lodging that are within a five mile radius. Kittanning has quaint little shops that one could browse through if they arrive early and want something to do, and on sunny days a great place to sit is on one of the benches found next to the river. More shopping sites are located in West Kittanning, which is only a five minute drive from the jail.