Lawrence County Jail Information

Lawrence County Jail | 2797 New Butler Road | New Castle, PA 16101-3228 | (724) 654-5384

Lawrence County Jail

Lawrence County Jail is located in Lancaster, PA in Lawrence County. Mark Fellows currently serves as Warden and Lance Seibert serves as Deputy Warden. The Lawrence County Prison follows all state law and the policies and procedures as proclaimed by the state of Pennsylvania. Lawrence County Jail houses male and female inmates in separate wards of the jail.

Visitations last for 30 minutes and can be stopped at any time at the discretion of Lawrence County Jail staff. Visitation dates can be obtained by contacting Lawrence County Jail directly.

Lawrence County Jail adheres to a strict visitation policy that requires all visitors to have pre-authorization before being able to visit an inmate. They must be on a list and the inmate must provide jail officials with the visitors name, age, address including street, city and state, telephone that they can be reached, and the relationship they have with the inmate. They have a no tolerance policy regarding visitors bringing drugs, alcohol, weapons and other contraband onto Lawrence County Jail premises. Inmate's children and step-children may visit when accompanied by an adult (18 years old and older).

Bail for all Lawrence County Jail inmates is set at their arraignment by the District Magistrate. This can be paid during normal business hours at the arraigning Magistrate's office. Inmates are responsible for obtaining their own legal representation. If they qualify for reason of being indigent or having little to no income they may receive legal services from the Public Defender's office for little or no charge.

Upon booking to Lawrence County Jail inmates are informed of their minimum and maximum possible sentences and release dates. These dates are estimations and are subject to change. Actual release dates are set by outside agencies and Lawrence County Jail must receive authorization from these agencies before any inmate is released.

For general information on Lawrence County Jail or for information regarding a specific inmate call the Lawrence County Jail directly.