Lebanon County Jail Information

Lebanon County Jail | 730 E Walnut Street | Lebanon, PA 17042 | (717) 274-5451

Lebanon County Jail

The Lebanon County Correctional Facility is used only for the short-term confinement of prisoners. As such, the jail houses inmates who are sentenced to no more than five years in jail minus one day. Any prisoners who are sentenced to a more lengthy jail stay must be incarcerated at a State Correctional Institution.

The Lebanon County Correctional Facility emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation for inmates in its custody. The county's goal is to release each prisoner back into the community as a productive citizen who will not return to the criminal justice system as a repeat offender.

Several special programs aim to provide treatment and rehabilitation services to prisoners. These include an Anger Management Program, Work Release, and drug and alcohol therapy groups for inmates with addiction issues. The jail offers personal counseling not only to prisoners, but also to their families.

Educational services at the prison include adult basic education and general education diploma (GED) classes. These are held daily and available to inmates who would like to study for their high school equivalency certificate. Special education classes also are offered.

A prison chaplain and clergy members are on site during scheduled hours at the facility. In addition, religious programs are provided to inmates through Jubilee Ministries, which has been operating in the community for more than 30 years. Non-denominational Bible studies also are offered.

Inmates from state and federal facilities may be housed in the county facility when they return to the county for court appearances, but they are then moved back to the state and federal institutions after these appearances are finished. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also uses the county facility as a community treatment center.

The Lebanon County Correctional Facility follows the minimum standards and operating procedures for Pennsylvania County Prisons as they are outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Department of Justice.