Mifflin County Jail Information

Mifflin County Jail | 103 West Market St. | Lewistown, PA 17044 | (717) 248-1130

Mifflin County Jail

The Mifflin County Jail is located in Lewistown, Pensylvania, at 103 West Market Street. The correctional facility employs between fifty to ninety-nine staff at any given time. Administrator Bernard Zook and Assistant Administrator James T. Crisswell preside over the institution. This county jail encourages open and honest communication.

The staff work to detain inmates who have been sent there by the Mifflin County Courthouse. Located nearby at 20 North Wayne Street, Lewistown, the courthouse provides an unbiased location for Criminal Justice officials and members of the public (the jury) to review and address criminal justice issues in the community.

Once a detainee reaches Mifflin County Jail, he or she is offered treatment services and is provided a secure physical environment in all aspects. Its services also assure the safety of the staff in addition to the general public. A relative or friend may easily contact an inmate through Internet access.

A search returns results that include first name, last name, booking number, and the inmate's permanent identification number. After clicking on the name, a full file pops up on the computer screen. The file has a color picture of the inmate along with relevant demographic information such as sex, height, and weight.

There is also a section for marital status and current jail housing block number. Detailed information on any available bond amounts and the full list of charges may also be seen. The charge data may note jurisdiction, the date of the charge, and the sentence.