Susquehanna County Jail Information

Susquehanna County Jail | 17 Lake Avenue | Montrose, PA 18801 | (570) 278-4600

susquehanna County Jail

Susquehanna County Jail is located in Montrose, PA in Susquehanna county. The Susquehanna County Jail houses both male and female inmates in separate wings of the jail. William Brennan currently serves are warden of the jail and William Gregory is the current deputy warden. Susquehanna County Jail PA was built in 1994 and is governed by Susquehanna County Prison Board.

Susquehanna County Jail has a strict visitation policy and a no tolerance policy with regards to visitors bringing drugs, alcohol, knives, guns and other contraband items onto Susquehanna County Jail property. Inmates are required to make a list of five people from the general public that are allowed visitations. They must provide prison officials with visitor's name, address (street address, city and state), age, telephone number at which they can be reached and relationship to the inmate. Inmate's children and step children may visit when accompanied by one of the pre-authorized adults. For specific information and for visitation days please contact Susquehanna County Jail directly.

Inmate's bail is set during arraignment by the District Magistrate. Bail can be paid during normal business hours at the arraigning Magistrate's office. Extra conditions surrounding bail and an inmates release may be required and more information regarding this can be found by contact the District Magistrate. Inmates are responsible for securing their own legal representation. Inmates that are considered indigent or having little to no income may qualify for a Public Defender at little or no cost to the inmate. Inmates must apply and qualify before being assigned a Public defendant. Applications can be received from any Susquehanna County Jail staff.

Upon initial booking inmates are informed of their earliest and latest possible release dates. These dates are estimates and are subject to change. Official release dates are determined by outside agencies. Susquehanna County Jail cannot release a prisoner for any reason without prior authorization from those agencies.

For more information of for information on a specific inmate please contact Susquehanna County Jail directly